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Build analyses that drive visibility.

Hyperquery is a data notebook that enables you to easily build shareable analyses in SQL and Python. Analyses in Hyperquery are read 7x more than those that are not.
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Hundreds of teams are on Hyperquery
Break up with your clunky data tools.
No one reads your SQL queries and Jupyter notebooks. Build analyses that actually get read with Hyperquery, a data notebook purpose-built for impact and collaboration.
Easily build analyses.
Hyperquery’s building blocks enable you to create analyses that look and feel great.
Start with “/”
Easily insert code and text blocks without leaving your keyboard.
Data notebook
An intuitive, collaborative data notebook for code, charts, and text.
Powerful SQL editor
Write queries with seamless auto-complete, jinja templating, parameterization, and powerful referencing.
Seamless Python editor
Seamlessly load data from queries into a dataframe. Perform advanced data manipulations and build statistical models.
Advanced visualization builder
Go beyond bar charts. Augment your insights with advanced visualizations.
Drive visibility for your work.
Analyses are meant to be shared. Seamlessly publish and organize your work for the entire company.
Engage your audience.
Quantify your impact with reactions, view count, and execution count.
Publish your work.
Publish and share your analysis to anyone in your organization.
Organize your work.
Organize analyses by creating top-level project spaces and nesting sub-pages under top-level pages. Never lose work again.
Talk about your work.
Comment on anything. Mention anything, anyone, anywhere.
Integrate with your data stack and business tools.
Connect to your existing data stack. Embed anywhere.
Data warehouse & data models
Connect to Snowflake, Bigquery, Redshift, dbt, and other critical parts of storage, compute, and transform.
Existing business tools
Embed Hyperquery pages and blocks into existing business systems such as Notion, Confluence, Google Docs, Dropbox Paper, and more.

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HIPAAWe are HIPAA-compliant to ensure additional safety for our healthcare customers.
GDPRWe are GDPR-compliant to ensure additional safety for our European customers.
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