We're on a mission to fix data collaboration.
Analytics work drives million-dollar decisions daily.
But where does this work live?
At best, your team has an elegant house of cards involving some combination of Google docs, git, SQL IDEs, and BI tools.

At worst, this work lives in tab #41 in your coworker Jeff's IDE.
We believe that data teams deserve better.

hyperquery offers data-driven teams a new way of writing, sharing, and organizing work, keeping everyone on the same page.
Meet our founders
Joseph Moon
Co-founder & CEO.
Previously: Founding Team & Partner at QuantCo ($0 to $700M+ val); Founding Data Scientist at Wayfair ($25B+ market cap); B.A. Mathematics from Harvard.
Kevin Kong
Co-founder & CTO.
Previously: Head of Engineering at Bird (fastest unicorn); Senior Software Engineer at Rakuten (largest ecommerce company in Japan); B.A. Economics from Harvard.
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We’re backed by the best
John Lindfors
Tristan Handy
SVP Product
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