The data collaboration platform for teams.

Hyperquery is a collaborative workspace that connects the entire data science & analytics process for the whole organization.
Trusted by data-driven organizations
Data work is chaotic
Work gets lost in the swarm of tools we use: documents, spreadsheets, visualization tools, wikis, SQL IDEs, Jupyter notebooks, BI tools, custom data applications. Stakeholders are unhappy. Your team is unhappy. But you continue to wade through a sea of stale results, contextless queries, and loose documents.
Enter Hyperquery
Hyperquery is a unified data workspace, purpose-built to tame the chaos. Do your work, document it, and talk about it in one tool, not across 10. Teams on Hyperquery are more efficient, and work is more visible and impactful.
The Analytics Workspace for Teams
hyperquery is a collaborative workspace that streamlines analytics for the whole organization. Welcome to your single source of truth, for both business and data teams.
All-in-one data workspace
The best of modern workspaces, code editors, and visualization tools.
Collaborative workspace
As intuitive as a document. As powerful as a custom app.
Collaborative workspace
As intuitive as a doc. As powerful as a custom app.
Powerful SQL editor
Write queries with jinja templating, parameterization, and seamless referencing. Turn queries into apps.
No-code visualization builder
Go beyond bar charts. Augment your insights with advanced visualizations.
No-code visualization builder
Go beyond bar charts. Augment your insights with advanced visualizations.
Intuitive tables
Create formulas and pivots. Easily format and wrangle data.
Seamless Python editor
Seamlessly load data from queries into a dataframe. Perform advanced data manipulations and build models.
Built for cross-functional collaboration
Say goodbye to clunky notebooks. Say hello to seamless collaboration, for everyone.
Build data products
Build reports, apps, dashboards, and documents.
Add context to your data work. Interweave text, queries, and charts into a seamless report that anyone in your organization can edit and consume.
Build powerful data apps. Link your queries and code to enable interactive data exploration.
Keep track of your most important business metrics.
Build documents for your work, data, and metadata.
Simplify, share & organize
Organize workflows, projects, and tasks.
Organize analyses by creating top-level project spaces and nesting sub-pages under top-level pages. Never lose work again.
Streamline your ad-hoc workflows by building a single source of truth for analytics requests.
Assign tasks by tagging users directly in Hyperquery. Monitor the status of requests.
Connect & integrate
Connect to your existing data stack. Embed anywhere.
Data warehouse & data models
Connect to Snowflake, Bigquery, Redshift, dbt, and other critical parts of storage, compute, and transform.
Existing business tools
Embed Hyperquery pages and blocks into existing business systems such as Notion, Confluence, Google Docs, Dropbox Paper, and more.

Security & compliance

Secure and Compliant by Design
SOC 2 Type II
We are SOC 2 Type II certified to ensure peace of mind for our enterprise customers.
We are HIPAA-compliant to ensure additional safety for our healthcare customers.
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