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Analytics discussions just got easier

Rachel Seo

At Hyperquery, we’re committed to making analytics collaborative. We’ve seen firsthand that strong collaboration often means better decisions and more satisfied data teams.

While some analytics conversations can happen in Slack, switching tools creates friction. This means comments and questions are often dropped, leading to worse coordination and weaker feedback cycles. This is why we’ve rolled out our latest updates that open more pathways to discussing analytics work.

Introducing comments and mentions — because conversations should happen where work is being done.

We heard you! You should be able to communicate with your teammates directly in Hyperquery pages, just as you would in any other collaborative tools. We’ve built three ways for you to achieve this.

Page comments

typing a comment at the top of the page
Have a question about a report? Leave a comment at the top.

Now when you open any Hyperquery page, you will see the embedded comment section. Type what you need and hit Send or the Return key. The author of the page will get an email notification. We’ve designed page comments to look subtle enough to avoid cluttering your pages, but you can always hide the section when you need to focus on the content.

Text comments

Comment box for highlighted text snippet

Often when a page is actively being worked on, you’ll want to discuss a specific section with your team. To do this, highlight the relevant text snippet and use the Command/Control+Shift+M shortcut. The comment box will pop up immediately.

Mentions with @

And if you wanted to bring someone else into the conversation? Type @ in a comment or directly in the page, and select the teammate you want to mention. They'll get an email with a link to the page.

Typing "@Kevin" to mention a teammate

What’s next?

This is only a subset of our collaborative features and we can’t wait to share the rest with you. In the meantime, give these a spin at hyperquery.ai and let us know what you think.

As always, feel free to send us any feedback or questions at hello@hyperquery.ai. 🙂

Stay tuned for more product updates!

To learn more about Hyperquery, visit hyperquery.ai.

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