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Version history? More like time travel.

“River Song: Use the stabilisers!
The Doctor: It doesn't have stabilisers!
River Song: The blue switches!
The Doctor: The blue ones don't do anything, they're just... blue!
River Song: Yes they're blue: they're the blue stabilisers! [presses the button and the TARDIS indeed stabilises] See?
The Doctor: Yeah? Well, it's boring now, isn't it? They're boring-ers! They're blue... boring-ers!”

Time travel shouldn’t be so hard.

Today, we're introducing Hyperquery version history, which lets you track changes to your notebooks over time easily. No more fumbling with git, managing branches and force resets, losing your work because you forgot to commit — Hyperquery’s version history is delightfully simple.

A few of our features:

  • We auto-save.
  • Every few minutes, we’ll save a new version of your work (given there are edits). Mess up a query? Easily backtrack and get a previous version in seconds.
  • You can preview your history, fast.
  • Unlike the tools of days past, our version history previews will load blazingly fast, meaning you can painlessly go back in time and browse past versions of your work.
  • Restore, with a single click.
  • Restoration is easy. Any restored version is restored as a new version itself, so you don’t have to worry about this erasing any history, either.

Read more about this feature in our documentation.

Stay tuned for more product updates!

To learn more about Hyperquery, visit hyperquery.ai.

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