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Join the club
Join hundreds of data scientists and analysts at companies like Snowflake, Adobe, Twilio, and New Relic who use Hyperquery to do their work twice as fast.
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with Hyperquery Platinum?
A single-user, lifetime membership to the Hyperquery team tier.
And it’ll follow you, not your company. If you leave your company, you get to keep the membership with you (just contact us if that happens). 🙂

Get lifetime access to a modern, transformative analytics workflow.
Value for your team.
If the rest of your team starts to get jealous, don’t fret. You can seamlessly onboard more folks into your instance, and your lifetime membership will apply as a flat discount.

If you’ve been on the fence, this is a great way to test Hyperquery out yourself before committing your entire team.
Unlimited viewers and high visibility for your work.
You can bring in as many Collaborators and Viewers as you want, giving you incredible leverage to give your work the visibility it deserves.
Exclusive founder access.
You’ll get a joint Slack channel with the founders, so you can have a direct line to chat with us. Ask us about the product, our vision, whatever!
Be part of history today!
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Terms and conditions
These follow individuals, not corporations. While corporations can purchase these for their employees, they cannot themselves own the memberships. For individuals, this means that, if you leave the company you’re currently with, the lifetime membership will continue to follow you.

Multiple purchases for a single organization will NOT stack. But as mentioned above, these travel with the individual — if the individual leaves and the coupon is used elsewhere, the price will be adjusted accordingly.

For those of you who had previously purchased our “Prequel 100” membership (throwback!), you’ve been grandfathered into this tier, at no cost to you.

Purchases are non-transferable.

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